Baomix, Baobab Pulp as Organic Cosmetics

Baomix, Baobab Pulp as Organic Cosmetics

Its use is beneficial for skin care, hair and nails.

Baobab pulp can be used on numerous occasions for its taste properties, therapeutic and cosmetic.

Its use is beneficial for skin care, hair and nails.

VITAMINS per 100g of dry pulp (approximately, this can vary depending on the place of harvest and conservation of raw materials, mg/100gr)

* Vitamin A (0.2 mg) by boosting cellular metabolism allows the repair of damaged skin, dry or aged.
* From the vitamin B1, B2, B6 (0.038, 0.06, 0.02) (thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine), which allow among other things a better regeneration of skin stem cells and regulation of many metabolic functions. 
* From the vitamin B4, or adenine, which has draining properties and leaves skin smooth and bright; It softens and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
* From the vitamin B3 or niacin (2.16) which preserves moisture and protects against UV.Effective for tired skin, it fights against acne, acne rosacea, psoriasis, pityriasis rubrapilaire.
* From the vitamin C (280mg) which has an anti-oxidant her own to neutralize free radicals responsible for cellular aging. In addition, it has an effect on the regeneration beyond vitamin E, the main antioxidant in our body. Their partnership thus allows better fight against premature aging of our cells. It is involved in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a protein of the dermis, which supports the skin giving it a firm appearance.
* From Vitamin E helps slow the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, thereby preventing damage caused by oxidation of cell membranes, which results in good retention of skin moisture and a good state of tissues, it combats the formation of free radicals.
* From Vitamin E, or linoleic acid, which is composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids that provide perfect hydration and tissue protection. Vitamin E helps skin cells to regain their full power by reducing their water repellency, it increases the resistance of the skin against external aggressions.

Minerals per 100g fruit pulp:

The pulp of the baobab fruit is rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, essential fatty acids that are essential for the proper functioning of our body, they help balance the skin. These components contribute to the regeneration effect and the protection of the epidermis, they ensure its water content and promote micro-circulation.

* Calcium 293-300mg
96-210mg * Phosphorus
* Iron 2.4 to 2.7 mg
Potassium * 2.31 mg
* Sodium 1.86 mg 
* 0.10mg Magnesium: Magnesium has the property of stimulating the production of proteins and cellular exchanges.
* 0.64 mg Zinc: Zinc provides good elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and is known for its sebum-regulating properties.
* 0.6 to 0.9 mg Manganese: Manganese is an antioxidant that is active against the signs of skin aging.

AMINO ACIDS mg per 100 g of protein:

* Valine 43g
Proline 920mg * (a key component of some collagen fibers)
Histidine * 271mg
Leucine * 841mg
Lysine * 1462mg
* Arginine 604mg
* Isoleucine 1073mg
* Methionine 492mg
* Cysteine ​​1123mg
* Glutamic Acid 402mg
* Tyrosine 421mg
* Tryptophan 149mg 
* Hréonine 296mg

Carbohydrates per 100 grams of fruit pulp:

* Glucose 8.47mg
* Fructose 17.93mg 
* Sucrose 10.21mg
* Maltose ND
* Polysaccharides soluble 10.21mg
* Starch 48.10mg

* 22.00% soluble dietary fiber
* 22.00% insoluble dietary fiber
* Cellulose 1.5%
* Ash 1.98%
* Energy value 200 836 Kcal/100g Kj/100g

Does not contain gluten

Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids makes it an excellent regenerating. Because of its balanced content of hydrophilic antioxidants (vitamin C, flavonoids) and lipophilic (beta carotene, alpha linolenic acid), fruit pulp of baobab a genuine global anti-oxidant. This content thus protects from attacks by free radicals all cellular structures and thus fight against aging. It is a powerful antioxidant that restores suppleness and radiance to the face. Baobab pulp can be used in cosmetics as an anti-aging care, smoothing and emollients as soap, ointments and masks but also as a food supplement ( growing children, suites or in a disease, an outbreak of an operation, a breast, a significant emotional stress, fatigue transient or seasonal, as part of a regime of regular physical activity, disorders of the bowel, in some rheumatic diseases: Osteoarthritis in particular through the provision of essential micronutrients, inflammatory conditions, but also arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease

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